The Remote Work Success Method ☑: Creating Systems & A Culture of Productivity

Launch your remote teams & virtual assistants the right way & get results sooner with this checklist!

In today’s global economy, many companies are leveraging talent between both physical and remote employees.

When your organization hires a virtual assistant, they will need to be on-boarded and trained like any other employee. At the same time, the team will determine and adapt to best practices, technological tools, and procedures for training a strong blended (remote & physical) team.

Luckily, MyOutDesk offers training materials and resources that will help prepare you to interact successfully with a virtual team member. We equip all clients with a service portal, a dedicated account manager, and a virtual solutions trainer.


To ensure our ongoing success, ensure you clearly note procedures on:

Setting clear objectives is foundational to a successful team. On a weekly basis, reiterate your goals and procedures to allow the team to access how they can best contribute. When virtual professionals are given a collaborative space to voice their thoughts, you can see how productive and collaborative remote teams can be for your business.

Encourage open communication, and use the platform as a means to carry the same conversations that you would otherwise have in the office.

How will you communicate and how often?

  • Establish best way to communicate — preferably via real-time medium such as:
  • Skype, Google Meet, Ring Central, Slack, and/or a VOIP phone system
  • Discuss alternate means of communication — email, text
  • Client can provide VP with an office email specific to their role in the business
  • Leverage different types of communication with VP, not just email

Neuroscientists and psychologists proved that it takes about 90 days to solidify a habit. The same goes for a remote team still figuring out how to work best together — for successful adoption, allow an adjustment period and repeat key messages regarding the change intentionally and consistently. By doing so, you will get everyone on the same page.

What is your plan for training for your Virtual Professional and who is the main point of contact?

Consistently train and repeat key messages, as well as regularly use effective frameworks like SOPs (Point 3) and Play-Pause-Do (Point 7). These guides are part of the 7-Figure Business Roadmap, and additional resources are available through a free strategy call with MyOutDesk.

A variety of organizational tools will help employees and the business stay productive. Here are some tips and trips to immediately keep teams accountable and for managers to recognize patterns in productivity. Remember that during an adjustment period to remote work, employers should not expect employees to immediately produce the same amount of productivity.

When will you set up Virtual Professional logins to essential tools such as CRMs or other databases?

  • Use a password manager, like 1Password.
  • Manage projects & tasks with Trello, Asana, or
  • Store files on a cloud drive, like Google Drive.

Videos and images can greatly improve communication among virtual teams. Video conference calls are the new (virtual) conference rooms and allow team members to show body language, facial expressions, posture, and hand gestures — all important aspects of communication. A

Find time to meet regularly & Confirm Virtual Professional work schedule & client availability restrictions

  • Manage schedules & track productivity on the MyTimeIn Client Portal
  • Submit support tickets for further assistance


Remote work requires an adjustment period for all employees. A business cannot simply apply the same systems and procedures from the physical office and expect the same productive output immediately. Treat the transition to remote as a retraining process where employees need to relearn how to work effectively in this new environment.

It is important for the management to maintain a fully supportive and flexible state of mind. Encourage and communicate a reasonable adjustment period for allowing mistakes, offering training, and consistently repeating key messages in order to foster a fully functional remote workforce. Key themes to embody at this time are that your team is a connected, supportive, and a positive force; and mistakes are reinterpreted as positive opportunities.

We have a vested interest in your success! Every MyOutDesk client wants to maximize the ROI on their investment in virtual assistants. Our CEO Daniel Ramsey hosts a live mastermind discussion with MyOutDesk clients and discusses tactical, practical & utterly invaluable strategies to best utilize a virtual assistant while you scale your business!

It’s time to gain market share new by leveraging virtual assistants!

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