The Community makes the Business: How to give back.

In the beginning.

Starting at age 12, Daniel was a “serial entrepreneur” in the making. Little did he know when he started selling candy, along with many jobs along the way, that he would someday own his own company. As a result, Daniel understood the value of hard work by the time he was 18. After college, he knew what he wanted and he went after it, with a clear vision.

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Daniel took his long-time entrepreneurial experiences and decided, he knew what he wanted. Newly married, and reflecting on his life he was determined. He said, “I want to own a business. Not to have a business own me.” That was his springboard. Now nearly 13 years later, MyOutDesk continues to be the business for clients to leverage their time & energy to build a successful business with his Virtual Assistant Company. He has helped many large companies from sales, technology, insurance, real estate, and healthcare, to consult with his Virtual Assistants.

If you are looking to grow your business, Daniel offers a free consultation. His services include Administrative Executive Assistants to help manage everything from emails and scheduling to bookkeeping. Prospecting calls with an Inside Sales Agent. Customer Service Support. And finally, Marketing. Why does he do this? Because he wants businesses to get the help they need to be successful using systems and processes.

Scaling Your Business.

Daniel has a business road map. By changing your 1st stage in business from “I do it” to the next stage “We do it.” The challenge begins there to create a new business with someone. And ultimately, “They do it.” Focus on the people to make it happen. Makes perfect sense, but how to get there is what his book will help you with.


With Daniel’s consistent success he is committed to making a sustainable change financially in the MOD Movement. The Virtual Assistants are the heart and soul of that team effort. All of the 1,300 Virtual Assistants reside in the Philippines. They are fully committed to their jobs and their communities.

Enter 3 organizations that are supported by MyOutDesk the VAs and those in the US.

Boystown Orphanage.

They have improved the living conditions for these young children by providing healthy food, additional living space, and simple sanitary needs.

Seniors Home.

Not only were young people needing a place to live but in that adjacent space is where the “abandoned old folks” lived, mostly in tents. Now they too, have shelter, along with basic needs that might include wheelchair accessibility.

1Life Fully Lived.

The nonprofit 1Life Fully Lived was founded by Tim Rhode. The ModMovement supports this program which helps at-risk children and teens build a personal roadmap to achievement to create better lives.

As you can see, Daniel Ramsey’s goals are for businesses and communities to be safe and successful. During 2020, the Philippines were hit with an earthquake, a volcano eruption, the pandemic, and most recently the Typhons. What he wants us to know, is the resilience of all the Virtual Assistants and his commitment to continue to support them.

In closing, if you would love to add more talent, grit, and heart to your business, reach out to Daniel, he will gladly provide you the services you need.

Marsha’s formula is easy:
Conversations + Connections = Community

Marsha Wietecha found through her conversations and connections that we all share a sense of community. It might be where you live, or perhaps it’s a sense of fellowship with others sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The natural progression of community is a sense of belonging resulting in relationships and story-telling.

This is where Marsha’s curiosity takes shape and she asks the question, “What’s Your Story?” We all have stories and Daniel at MyOutDesk is honored to have the opportunity to be part of Marsha’s radio show!


Simply put, MyOutDesk equips entrepreneurs & business owners with tools, strategies, and virtual employees — and when combined, businesses have a competitive edge and find growth while efficient systems and processes are put in place.

MyOutDesk proudly provides additional free business growth guides, books, and strategy calls.

See what we are about, and schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll take the time to learn more about your business and offer solutions to foster top talent and lower operational costs for your company.

Experience The Difference
MyOutDesk can save you up to 70% on employment cost
Claim a free business strategy consultation & ‘Grow Virtual’ Guide

Did You Know? MyOutDesk’s origin story is set during the last global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, that’s right — our business started by scaling businesses with virtual assistants during a recession! Pioneers of virtual assistant services, our first client in 2008 went from five to seventeen VAs with a completely revamped organizational model in short order, and he told MyOutDesk, “Our virtual professionals have shaved $250,000 off our monthly overhead.”




CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. In 15 years+, we have served over 7,500 clients with the highest-quality, top-rated virtual assistants.

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Daniel Ramsey

Daniel Ramsey

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. In 15 years+, we have served over 7,500 clients with the highest-quality, top-rated virtual assistants.

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