Successful Prospecting During The Holidays

👻🦃🎄🎊🎉 The holidays are fast approaching and now is the best time to strategize on how you can balance being busy and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Truth be told, the holidays can be a challenging time for prospecting. With people busy getting ready for visitors, celebrations, going on vacations and the like. Many businesses don’t even bother with prospecting during this time. However, by halting your prospecting during the holiday season, you may miss a lot of opportunities. Knowing that not many people reach out to prospects during this time of year may be your number one advantage.

How many times have you called a prospect and heard that you are the nth person to give them a call? By prospecting over the holidays, it is highly likely that you have less competition and will reach your contact under less harrowing conditions; they are most likely to be receptive to having a conversation with you, plus being that it is the holidays, they may be in higher spirits.


Figure out what you want to achieve this holiday season and strategize based on your goal. Prioritize and zoom in on the things that seem attainable, remember some business is better than none at all. Utilize your prospecting team and your Virtual Assistant; perhaps you could focus on nurturing your warm leads, wishing them a happy holiday season. Continue to build upon that relationship that you have started.

Use your personal network; when you attend those holiday parties with friends, family, and business cohorts, approach them and ask if they can hand out business cards for you or mention you to anybody they may know looking for the services you offer. Take the approach that they are doing you a favor, and you may just be surprised at how much additional business comes your way.

Since many people take time off over the holidays, you may find it easier to reach the people who are the actual decision-makers. More often than not, managers and business owners man the fort while their staff takes time off. So whilst making your calls or visiting a business that could turn into contact, this may be the perfect time to call or go around and get a chance to sit down with the people who actually make the final decisions.

Come up with a special service or offer for the holidays and present it when you make your calls. Everybody loves a special deal! You can also utilize this time to ask the people you get to talk to if they know anyone interested in what you offer. If the person you catch on the phone is not necessarily interested, perhaps they could give you a fresh lead.


After the holiday season, things pick up really quickly, and the worst thing you can do is not maximize your downtime during the holidays to make sure that you have a solid plan for the next year. So start getting ready for tax season, set your goals for the next year, and make sure that everything is set up so that once the holidays are over, you can hit the ground running.

Above all else, enjoy this time with your loved ones. With a stellar team in place, you can prioritize what matters most in your life. Your team, whether in-house or virtual or a mix of both, can be leveraged to make the most out of the holidays, so you can too.

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