Monetizing Social Media: Direct Messaging to Drive Revenue | With Matt Buchanan

Matt Buchanan is founder of Pioneers of Marketing. His marketing agency helps well-known clients each earn over 1.5M on social media through direct messaging — and that’s only one revenue stream!

Matt has 4 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants working for his marketing agency! “They are very professional & very timely. I’m grateful for them and for all the wisdom shared by MyOutDesk. The people you bring to us are top notch people. In all seriousness, I have to say that!

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Monetizing Social Media: Direct Messaging to Drive Revenue

In this interview, we’re truly diving deep on tried & true methods to scale through direct messaging marketing. Social media is all about principles, guaranteed 100% to work every single time.

Matt shares the idea of having the right mentality about the marketing principles:

  • Be open minded
  • Be patient
  • Execute what you set

If you follow these proven principles of social media, they’ll 100% drive results.

The video elaborates on the 2-step process for social media success:



(The main social media networks you focus on)

1 — Audience

You need an audience and followers, having the audience gives you the altitude and credibility — we live in a world of perception, remember that!

How to build an audience: Go to an online event or an in-person event. Make it your intention to connect on socials. Have the goal to make viewers follow you on socials, like “follow me on XX, YY, ZZ for more updates, for a replay, for a special offer, to connect, etc.”

Your goal is to take offline relationships online and vice-versa. You may also collaborate with people who already have an audience or have a good reach.

2 — Content Through Facebook and Instagram Stories

Post IG stories, at least 6x a day from your personal account

What should you be posting? Cycle between these 3 types: personal, professional and lifestyle

  • Professional — brings value for your audience
  • Personal — connect as a person instead of just a logo — remember people want to do business with a person, not a logo
  • Lifestyle — documenting the life you live (your “human interest aspect”)

3 — Content Through Wall Posts

Stories vs. Wall Posts: Wall posts are highlight reels. they stay forever unless you delete it! Stories drive traffic and are more intimate since it’s available for just 24 hours. Stories shouldn’t be edited too much or not edited at all!

All the while, wall posts are permanent — it’s the face of your brand and company. They will never go away. So, only post what you want to last, but use the three content types mentioned. Throw in a lot of content, especially when you’re starting out. But, keep it to 3–4x a week if you’ve built an audience already. All of your promotions and posts should also go to your personal account.

Reference: &

As you can see promotional posts aren’t on the business accounts too much. Use your personal page for credibility building and brand association.


For a free social media evaluation, text Matt: (908) 914–1888.

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Additional Tips:

Are you afraid of DMs? What do you say when you start a convo?

  • Understanding it in simple basic form — all social media is just a networking event
  • When you meet somebody in person — think about how you do it in real life: Introduce yourself!
  • “Hey how’s it going, saw your page/profile here, and want to get connected”
  • “Nice connecting with you, I have a great idea. I’d love to share it with you, what’s your cell? Can we chat about it?”
  • If they reply, send a text from your phone.
  • Ask: “When’s the best time to talk with you”
  • Depending on how credible you are, that’s how many people will reply to you. A response rate of 5–6 people out of 25 is a good start.
  • The higher your credibility, the more responses and messages you’ll get.
  • If they don’t respond, move on to the next.
  • Get used to rejection, don’t take NO personally — it’s going to happen.
  • Focus on the few that respond.

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