Mark Zuckerberg: ‘There are some very clear benefits to remote work’

“My own thinking on this has changed over the past few months.”

In May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a thoughtful, heartfelt memo on his social media regarding his new perception of the power of remote work.

“There are some very clear benefits to remote work. It lets us access talent pools outside of traditional tech hubs in big cities — and that should help spread economic opportunity much more widely around the country and world while also helping us build a more diverse company.”

From the beginning MyOutDesk has been helping businesses grow and develop hybridized remote & physical businesses with virtual teams. Now more than ever it’s important to embrace smooth & modernized business, all while allowing businesses to scale up.

You can spread economic opportunity in your business by hiring full-time virtual assistants at up to 70% less than the cost of a traditional employee!

Flexibility afforded by remote work

Zuckerberg shares, “I’ve always felt that our teams worked better when they could physically be together. We even designed our offices so there are places where people can walk freely and have those serendipitous conversations that can lead to really good ideas.”

This is true. There is power of creativity in working together in a space, and there’s power of productivity with remote work.

What Zuckerberg is experiencing is a crash course in the power of the blended business model.

He also explains that more and more, the virtual workplace can emulate the physical workplace through technological advances. “I think that technology can help us overcome this, and the lockdown has shown us what’s possible with the tools we have today.”

“As a tech company we’re fortunate that a lot of our work can be done remotely. Not everyone has that flexibility. But as the technology improves, the number of jobs that can be done fully remotely will likely increase across the rest of the economy too.”

>> The Dummy-Proof Guide for Building a Remote Culture

“Over time, location will hopefully be less of a factor in how many people work and we’ll have the technology to feel truly present no matter where we are. I think this is an important direction that the world is going to go in after Covid, and that’s why we’re building products to help more organizations find ways to work remotely, as well as more ways for people to connect and feel present socially.”

>> Stay on top of the competition with the Organizational Change Framework

“It’s going to take time to make this work for everyone. We’re going to learn a lot from this, and we’ll have more updates and details to share in the months ahead as we figure this out.”

Blended Organizations are the Future

A blended or mixed organizational chart is the structure of that many businesses are adopting today.

Growth in outsourcing is a rising trend. Demand for virtual talent is increasing because it works for most business owners and many employees, and it is simply a profitable practice. You can adopt it in your own business — schedule your Virtual Strategy Session now to learn exactly how!

Which corporations already have a blended model? You’d be surprised. These top-performing US companies have blended organizations:

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CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. In 15 years+, we have served over 7,500 clients with the highest-quality, top-rated virtual assistants.

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Daniel Ramsey

Daniel Ramsey

CEO/Co-Founder of MyOutDesk. In 15 years+, we have served over 7,500 clients with the highest-quality, top-rated virtual assistants.

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