• Mini Chang

    Mini Chang

    Hi, I am a software engineer in a top tier tech company. I like reading and sharing. Also, I write stories about programming, algorithm, and data structure.

  • Alvin Leveriza

    Alvin Leveriza

  • Zak Donnelly

    Zak Donnelly

  • Benjamin Rancourt

    Benjamin Rancourt

    Are you looking to read for more technical posts? šŸ¤– Follow me! I publish articles about Docker šŸ³, JavaScript šŸ, GitLab šŸ¦Š, Java ā˜•, etc. once a week.

  • Ingrid L. Williams

    Ingrid L. Williams

    Storytelling, Startups, Norway and Life! https://360degrees.substack.com

  • Anand Patel

    Anand Patel

    Founder & President - @PangeaRealty ; Developer, Investor; Toastmaster, Dragonboater, Husband, Daddy.

  • Roshana Mallawaarachchi

    Roshana Mallawaarachchi

  • Udith Deshan

    Udith Deshan

    I am an entrepreneur, blogger, and digital marketing expert.

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