Can You Create ROI with Gratitude?

Daniel Ramsey
2 min readNov 18, 2021

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and it’s the perfect opportunity to start a new habit — not waiting on a holiday (or a specific opportunity) to be grateful. There are several things we can be grateful for every day, and if you didn’t know: Yes, you can also create ROI with Gratitude.

Creating ROI with Gratitude with Mr. Thank You John Israel


We often forget how important it is to say thank you — maybe to our clients, employees, and even our loved ones. John Israel realized the power of the words “thank you” early in his career.

It began with a pivotal point in his life where significant changes were happening, and he came across Simon Sinek’s Start With Why.

People don’t care what you do. They care about why you do it, and people don’t care about what you’re selling. They care about why you’re selling it, so if you want to be successful, start with the why.

Those sentences made a profound impact on John, thus starting the Mr. Thank you project. John Israel’s mission at The Mr. Thanks You Project was to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by 1% by inspiring 74 million thank you cards written all over the world. In addition, John Israel committed himself to writing 5- thank you cards every day for an entire year. I had a conversation with John about his life-changing experience and how it relates to you and your business.

If you are intentional about connecting with those you do business with, then build relationships that are meaningful for you and your business. The simple act of saying thank you can go beyond handwritten notes. It can be a gift, a quick personal email or text message saying you remembered someone, etc. As long as it is personal and sends the message that you are doing something mindful of who they are as people instead of some generalized, automatic business play, you will be remembered.

Success, sales, and ROI aren’t just about profit. It’s about making connections to expand your circle. You want to remind your clients why they worked with you and give them a reason to work with you again or tell someone they should work with you. Invest some of your profit into giving back to your clients and let them know that you care about them personally and that they are more than just a dollar sign to you. This builds a solid foundation for you and your business.

This is why aside from making you a better person, gratitude can create ROI for you and your business. Let’s all be grateful for making it through these crazy times — surviving and thriving in 2021: for every breath, step, and action we take every day.



Daniel Ramsey

Daniel Ramsey is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of MyOutDesk, a company that provides virtual staffing solutions to businesses in various industries.